Patrick Spratt

Patrick has been involved in the training sector for 3 yrs.  After moving back to Australia 4 yrs ago he was working in the warehousing sector running the receival department at Catch-of-the-day in Braeside, the opportunity came up to teach certificate 3 in Warehousing for Peninsula Food Alliance in Seaford. His military background along with his history of personal training in the United States has helped him combat the difficult situations that often arise with working with children from different socioeconomic backgrounds and varying learning difficulties.  He has been working with children in Pakenham for the past 18 months now and loves every second of it.  Seeing his students  grow and develop both academically and mentally is a reward in and of itself. Patrick joined National Food Institute 8 months ago. In his off time Patrick enjoys tinkering with cars, working out reading and going for runs with his dog Oliver.